Wikinet is a wiki whose primary purpose is to document, inform about, criticize, ridicule, and otherwise make fun of Brazilian (and Portuguese-language) Internet culture.


Initially, the nascent Wikinet was merely a crude facsimile of Encyclopædia Dramatica. During these dark years, Wikinet was used to make fun of some Brazilian users of Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia, but because this was criticized as mere cyberbullying[1], most of these pages have since been removed.

Wikinet gradually drifted away from ED, because while ED has many articles with gore, nonsense, and outright lies, Wikinet focuses on telling a subject as close to the truth as possible before painting over these facts with a coat of paranoia, prejudice and, eventually, pornographic metaphors. After all, the Internet is for Porn!

Style and subject matter

Some of our articles are very instructive tutorials about almost everything that matters for wiki users, wiki administrators, or those who wish to use tools from the Internet (like Tin Eye, youtube-dl, etc).

Most of the recent activity has been dedicated to:

  • documenting every Portuguese-language imageboard and the people who became famous posting there
  • analyzing every site that is important according to Alexa
  • writing a comprehensive History of the Internet, beginning even in the 19th century, and, recently, detailing what happened each year

Wikinet is somewhere between the outdated, in-jokey style of ED and the exhaustive, formal style of the East Slavic-speaking culture wikis. Barring biographical articles, Wikinet articles tend to be concise and economical with words, allowing the (often dubious) sources to speak for themselves.

Editor attitudes

Wikinet's dozen regular editors represent a plurality of mostly online ideology, and these biases certainly seep into the articles. That said, most editors themselves tend to be humble and easygoing, if simple and libertine. It’s the internet, after all, and there are better ways to waste one's time online than intensely engaging in futile arguments that begin from the position of "I'm right and you're wrong."

Wikinet's articles reflect the attitudes of the editors writing them more than it shapes those attitudes, and it's editors are aware they are doing nothing more than that. Most editors understand the distinction between a facetious depiction of views for the sake of ridicule and sincere endorsement of said views. Wikinet is not a soapbox. When editors take sides of a debate, they do so only to ridicule the folly of the subject in question.

A final note: Brazil is still culturally conservative, so, if you are a fat American, then expect to see some regressive attitudes reflected in these articles. Wikinet isn't serious, but it is crass and coarse. Considering the average editor demographic (university educated and math/tech-literate), Wikinet editors are actually more likely to be culturally liberal.

Interwiki participation

If you participate in a project that is similar to this, and you wish to cooperate (by changing interwikis or ideas), just look at Wikinet:Interwiki cooperation or the Ukranian project uk:Енциклопедія Драматика:До вікіспівпраці. Both pages are in English (so you won't need the crappy translation given by Google Translator to understand).


  1. Not that ED is any better in this regard.
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