Wikinet:Interwiki cooperation

This text is based... nor, it's a copypaste... of Енциклопедія Драматика's text BALEETED

This page denotes what foreign memewikis (encyclopedias of web-description) can do if they desire to co-operate with Portuguese language Dramatica (and Ukrainian Dramatica).

You are welcome to any co-operation. In case of doubt, post it in the Wikinet:Portal comunitário (community portal), and wait until some of the trolls that style themselves administradors of this shit stop their noble task of surfying the Web in search of pornography and respond.

Wikinet has interwikis to these projects:

International Anonymous SpaceEditar

You may add your countries imageboards to Енциклопедія Драматика's the biggest list of imageboards in the world, your memewiki to list of memewikis, and we here will just copy it. Yes, we are suckers!

Then you can write an article about your country's anonymous culture. Don't bother to translate, or, better yet, use Google translator to translate it to Portuguese. It will have an original flavour that will add to the humour.


Page are subdivided due to availability of particular topics in the wiki's object of description.

Interwikis can be only mutual.

This list of course can be changed. You're also may propose to add or exclude some titles.

BTW, for those that worry about such things, some of the articles in this list are not safe for work. Some even include pr0n.

Basic Internet concepts

General memes

Chan terms



Intercultural exchange

  1. The biggest imageboards of our countries
  2. Our countries (geo, his, mod, Int...)
  3. Our memewikis
  4. Our Internet cultures
  5. Our anime-fandom
  6. Short guides for our languages
  7. About your anonymous culture you can write at any time